Sim Makes Film Sustainability Milestone with Clean Energy

First Clean Energy Power Station fleet brings dramatic sustainability to BC’s Film Industry in landmark purchase

VANCOUVER, BC (June 21, 2018) – Portable Electric, the world’s premier manufacturer of clean energy power stations, has delivered a nine-strong fleet of lithium-ion battery power stations to Sim, the leading North American supplier of studios, production equipment and post production solutions, in a landmark move to increase sustainability in film. Sim is taking a leadership role in decreasing the environmental impact of the film industry across BC, reducing GHG emissions, noise and local pollution through the addition of revolutionary clean energy VOLTstackTM power stations to their traditional generator fleet.

“Sim is committed to supporting the communities where its employees, clients and partners live and work,” said Eleanor O’Connor, President, Studios, Lighting + Grip, Sim. “In addition to introducing Portable Electric’s fleet of clean and reliable power stations, we’ve partnered with Creative BC and their Reel Green initiative to implement sustainable programs impacting the television and film communities in Vancouver. This summer, Sim will be officially launching a corporate-wide Sim Green initiative to develop and implement sustainable practices and leadership across our five major markets in North America.”

Designed to significantly improve workflow while providing productions with instant, zero emissions power, the VOLTstackTM 2k and 5k power stations mark the first entry of clean energy into the film industry. With a lithium-ion battery at its core, the VOLTstackTM represents the next evolution in portable power supply, and a marked decision by Sim to move away from traditional fossil fuels. The result is a substantial improvement in cost-efficiency and an increase in creative opportunities for productions that rent from Sim, including the ability to film in sensitive and remote locations. Anticipating the rapid adoption of the VOLTstackTM throughout BC’s film industry and beyond, Sim has created an example to follow for supply companies across North America. Additional power stations are currently in production for delivery to Sim this summer.

“Portable Electric is proud to be working with innovative and dedicated companies like Sim, who are striving to make real change in otherwise slow-to-move industries like film,” said Mark Rabin, Founder & CEO of Portable Electric. “This marks an incredible time for clean energy and for Portable Electric. We are driven to build a sustainable product that not only competes with, but also outperforms the incumbent fossil-fuel generators. Our VOLTstack power stations are quickly becoming the preferred power supply option. We are seeing professionals from power-intensive industries, like film and construction, try the VOLTstack power stations once and never go back. We are very excited for what the future holds.”