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    As a Gaffer the voltstacks are the future of generators and are changing the industry we work in. We are using more low powered LED lights and  I can save on cable runs, positioning generators. Every application we are finding new uses for them from lighting, locations, sound, video, camera, grip and low loader work. Everyone is asking can I use volt stacks to power our sets/ locations on recces. Productions are supporting the use of them due to them being silent, having no fuel costs and user friendly.

    There are no negatives to using voltstacks on your movies.

    The movie I’m working on we are shooting on boats and in small streets on foreign locations and the Voltstack is the solution to problems that I have encountered over many years shooting at these type of locations.

    David Sinfield - Gaffer , Your Content Goes Here

    The Volt Stack is one of the most positive steps forward in Movie Sound in recent years. Since the very first film with sound the noise of diesel generators has created problems for Sound Mixers recording actors dialogue on location. The Volt Stack is silent meaning generators can be close to the set, helping audiences hear the actors original performance in the cinema. All this while reducing harmful emissions. The volt Stack is a win win.

    Simon Hayes AMPS CAS